Balmacaan Coat

Balmacaan Coat


衣服介紹 ﹣ Balmacaan Coat

簡約樸實的 Balmacaan:一片領、牛角袖、寬身微傘剪裁,休閒或正式,同樣合適。手袖位置以三片布拼成,減少落肩設計造成的多餘布褶,肩臂位置更貼服立體,整體線條乾淨利落。面布用上質感厚實的亞麻布,搭配原色純棉裡布,增加厚實感卻不會穿著臃腫,適合春秋冬天穿著。大衣兩側各有嵌線袋,裡布內貼有兩邊胸袋。手袖位置一明一暗兩顆鈕扣,方便束緊放鬆。

The classic Balmacaan with rustic charm. Featuring one piece collar, raglan sleeves and loose fitting shape, this simple overcoat is both classy and casual in style. The sleeves are composed of 3 cut parts to create a more compelling and neat silhouette from shoulder to wrist. Made from sturdy linen and lined in natural cotton, it is suitable to be worn all season. Welt pockets on both sides at front and chest patch pocket attached to lining. Adjustable button tabbed cuff for more easy movement.

面布料介紹 ﹣ 靛藍亞麻布 Cloth LC


Woven in thick linen yarn, Cloth LC has a rustic touch and is comfortable to wear. It is the sturdiest among all of our natural fabrics. Pre-washed to avoid further shrinkage and color-bleeding, resulting in light wash-down effect on the cloth's indigo surface. After several years of use and repeated washing, the cloth color will fade gradually and naturally, adding depth and diversity to its original color.

裡布料介紹 ﹣ 原色斜紋棉布 Cloth DM


Finely made with a twill weave in cotton yarn (denim weave structure), Cloth DM is strong and durable with a supple texture. Undyed and unbleached with its natural color. The whole fabric production process, from choosing the appropriate types of glue for weaving to the desizing process is carried out at the same factory carefully, so to ensure minimum damage to the fabric fibre and to keep its natural softness.

:. Price ﹣ HK$2280

:. Item Code ﹣ 4201-LC

:. Color ﹣ Indigo

:. Size ﹣ XSSML

:. Made in ﹣ Hong Kong

:. Fabric ﹣ Linen 100%

:. Cloth Code ﹣ LC

:. Cloth Origin ﹣ Japan

:. Lining Fabric ﹣ Cotton 100%

:. Lining Cloth Code ﹣ DM

:. Lining Cloth Origin ﹣ Japan

:. Measurement (cm)

  • Bust 94/99/104/109

  • Sleeves (from collar point) 64/66.5/67/68.5

  • Length 104/109/114/118

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