Ola Pants

Ola Pants


衣服介紹 ﹣ Ola Pants


The slight inward curve silhouette that flows from waist to hem makes the pants a comfortable pair with a naturally relaxed appeal. Featuring front button placket, rectangle patched pockets and also ruffles added to enhance the layering effect of banding at waist. Lined with navy cotton.

布料介紹 ﹣ 靛藍亞麻布 Cloth LC


Woven in thick linen yarn, Cloth LC has a rustic touch and is comfortable to wear. It is the sturdiest among all of our natural fabrics. Pre-washed to avoid further shrinkage and color-bleeding, resulting in light wash-down effect on the cloth's indigo surface. After several years of use and repeated washing, the cloth color will fade gradually and naturally, adding depth and diversity to its original color.

* 此款式另有 春秋棉布 Cloth VM Version

:. Price ﹣ HK$1180

:. Item Code ﹣ 3202-LC

:. Color ﹣ Indigo

:. Size ﹣ XSSML

:. Made in ﹣ Hong Kong

:. Fabric ﹣ Linen 100%

:. Cloth Code ﹣ LC

:. Cloth Origin ﹣ Japan

:. Measurement (cm)

  • Waist 62-71/65-74/68-77/70-79

  • Hip 96/102/108/114

  • Crotch 26/27/29/30

  • Pants Wide 20/21/22/23

  • Length 92/95/98/102

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