Basic Shirt (Short Slv)

Basic Shirt (Short Slv)


衣服介紹 ﹣ Basic Shirt (Short Slv)


The basic style in straight cut. Both classy or casual in style. Available in 5 sizes.

* 此款式另有 長袖 Long Sleeve Version

布料介紹 ﹣ TBO 亞麻布 Cloth TB

以 25 支數的亞麻紗線織成的平織布,質感通爽透氣,厚實舒適。布料以人手製作,由於沒有利用任何機械滾動烘乾和酵素加工(Tumblr Bio Off - TBO),因此呈現出亞麻天然舒適的質感。經過長時間穿著和洗滌,布料亦會變得更柔軟,並且不易起皺,愈穿愈舒適。

Made with a plain weave in 25 count linen yarn, the cloth is breathable and comfortable to wear. As it is manually produced without using tumble dry finishing or bio-polishing method, the natural comfortness of linen can be shown. After several years of use and repeated washing, the cloth will also become more supple and soft, and be less likely to wrinkle. This is a fabric which makes you feel more comfortable over time.

:. Price ﹣ HK$780

:. Item Code ﹣ 2202S-TB

:. Color ﹣ WhiteNavy

:. Size ﹣ XSSMLXL

:. Made in ﹣ Hong Kong

:. Fabric ﹣ Linen 100%

:. Cloth Code ﹣ TB

:. Cloth Origin ﹣ Japan

:. Measurement (cm)

  • Shoulder 36/39/42/45/47

  • Bust 90/96/105/114/118

  • Sleeves 17/18/20/21/22

  • Waist 90/96/105/114/118

  • Length 60/62/66/72/74

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