Loose Pleat Shirt

Loose Pleat Shirt

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衣服介紹 ﹣ Loose Pleat Shirt


Featuring a short point collar, loose cutting and drop shoulder, the shirt is casual and laid back in style. It contains a hint of lightness and breeze with pleats at shoulder and gathers at the back.

布料介紹 ﹣ 日光晾曬亞麻布(40支) Cloth 4H

以 40 支數的亞麻紗線織成的平織布,與製作方式相同的 Cloth 6B 相比,質感相對厚實。布料以繁複工序人手製作,少量生產,並無利用機械施加壓力,因此質感自然舒適。在長時間染色後,經過日光晾曬,布料呈現自然的皺摺起伏觸感。由於每日只能日曬晾乾約 80 米布匹,而日曬光線強度每日不同,每匹布的色彩各有不同紋路,造出來的衣服亦更獨特。

Cloth 4H is made with a plain weave in 40 count linen yarn. It is thicker and stronger than Cloth 6B, which is made in 60 count linen yarn. The fabric is produced manually in small quantity through various complicated procedures. No mechanical finishing is used as to keep the naturalness of the fabric texture. After long time of dyeing and being dried under sunlight, the cloth is naturally and beautifully wrinkled. Only about 80 meters of cloth can be sun-dried everyday, and with different intensity of sunlight, each cloth has its own texture and brightness in color, adding uniqueness to each and every clothing piece.

* 此款式另有 天絲棉麻布 Cloth TS Version

:. Price ﹣ HK$1120

:. Item Code ﹣ 2201-4H

:. Color ﹣ IvoryBlue

:. Size ﹣ SML

:. Made in ﹣ Hong Kong

:. Fabric ﹣ Linen 100%

:. Cloth Code ﹣ 4H

:. Cloth Origin ﹣ Japan

:. Measurement (cm)

  • Shoulder 43/45/47

  • Bust 102/106/110

  • Sleeves (from shoulder point) 55/56/57.5

  • Waist 106/110/114

  • Length 64/65/67

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